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Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kit.

Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kit has been designed & optimized keeping in mind to achieve higher yields from the clinical samples. The comparison Data with some of the leading Brands worldwide confirms that the yields of extracted RNA obtained by Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kit are better by about 1.0-2.0 Ct (Real TIME PCR Data) than some of the most widely sold Extraction kits worldwide.

Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kits provide’s the fastest and easiest way to purify Tissue RNA for reliable use in amplification/qPCR technologies. Tissue RNA can be purified from Soft or Hard Tissue’s like Liver ,Spleen, Thymus, Heart, Kidney, Brain etc. Samples may be fresh or frozen.

Geno Sen’s® Tisuue RNA Extraction Mini Kits are general purpose kits which can be used for isolation of Tissue RNA from a wide variety of Tissue Specimens but performance cannot be guaranteed for different specimens.

Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA extraction Mini Kits represent’s a well established general-purpose technology for RNA extraction. The kit combines the selective binding properties of a silica gel- based membrane with the speed of microspin and is ideally suited for simultaneous processing of multiple samples. The sample is first lysed under highly denaturing conditions to ensure release of intact RNA. Buffering conditions are then adjusted to provide optimum binding of the RNA to the Column membrane, and the sample is loaded onto the spin column. The RNA binds to the membrane, and contaminants are efficiently washed away in two washing steps using two different wash buffers. High-quality RNA is eluted in a special buffer, ready for direct use or safe storage. The purified RNA is free of protein, nucleases, and other contaminants and inhibitors. The special membrane of the column guarantees extremely high recovery of pure, intact RNA in just twenty minutes without the use of the conventional phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation. All buffers and reagents are guaranteed to be RNAse-free.

Ordering Information :
98004 Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kit. 50 extractions
98005 Geno Sen’s® Tissue RNA Extraction Mini Kit. 250 extractions